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FUND “SAFE UKRAINE 2030” officially launched in Ukraine

FUND “SAFE UKRAINE 2030” officially started operating on 20 October 2022. The aim of our Fund is to develop Ukraine as a secure state despite all external and internal challenges. To achieve this goal, we have been accumulating the efforts of the Ukrainian civil society, leading Ukrainian and international experts, and foreign stakeholders, who are interested in creating a safe environment in Ukraine.

Five non-governmental organisations and industry-specific associations that were dealing with different security issues before the war became the founders of the new Fund. The main advantages of partnership with FUND “SAFE UKRAINE 2030” for other organisations and institutions should be the absolute transparency for stakeholders and the vast experience of its experts. Now more than 50 experts from the justice sector and 34 areas of security – military, public, economic, environmental, digital, and other types of security– have been cooperating with our organisation. In total, the founders and experts of FUND “SAFE UKRAINE 2030” have implemented over 120 projects and initiatives in multiple areas of security management.

"In fact, we are developing the first non-governmental dedicated platform to address a range of security issues and are open to cooperation with all those interested in this," says Volodymyr Sayenko, member of SAFE UKRAINE 2030 Supervisory board.

The Fund starts its operations in extremely difficult military times, so now the relevance of such activities is beyond doubt. But we should remember that security issues will require significant attention and comprehensive solutions for many years to come, even after our nation wins the current war. For this reason, we are already starting to implement the mission of FUND “SAFE UKRAINE 2030”: to build a safe Ukraine – in cooperation with and for all those who respect its independence, democratic way and work for its prosperity.


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