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Public-private Partnership in the Field of National Security - a Modern Dimension for Ukraine

Kudinov S.S.

The article is devoted to topical issues of ensuring national security. Its purpose is to justify the need to revise approaches to public-private partnership in the field of national security and to determine ways of its regulatory and legal regulation in Ukraine. The existing national security system in the country and its subject structure were characterized within the scope of the scientific research. Attention is focused on the modern threats to Ukraine's national security and the need to search for some effective mechanisms to ensure it. One of these mechanisms is public-private partnership in the field of national security. The role and content of this institute is characterized in the historical retrospect, the significance for the present and the advantages of application are revealed. The possibility of attracting additional resources and opportunities of the private sector; promoting the use of advanced technologies and innovations; increasing management efficiency are highlighted among the latest issues. It was emphasized that one of the basic conditions for its effectiveness are: legal certainty, mutual interest, trust of the state and поп-state sectors of the economy. The current legislation in the sphere of national security and public-private partnership was analyzed, therefore, on the basis of that a conclusion regarding its inadequacy with the modern needs of our country was drawn, it was established that there is a tendency in the current legislation of reducing the role of citizens and public associations as the subjects of ensuring national security.

It was concluded that modern threats to national security require a review of approaches to its provision by searching for new, more effective strategies, in particular, consolidation of society, unification of the state and поп-state sectors ’potential, creation of conditions for attracting business, as well as, citizens to maintenance of national security as a part of public-private partnership. The necessity of preparing an updated National Security Strategy, amendments to the laws "On National Security" and "On Public-Private Partnership" has been identified as ways of the improving of its normative and legal regulation efficiency.

Key words: national security, threats to national security, ensuring national security, public-private partnership, legal regulation.

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Public-private Partnership in the Field of National Security - a Modern Dimension for Ukra
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