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Webinar "Military Autumn Forecasts" for entrepreneurs from the Board community

In September-October, Sergey Pogrebnoy, member of SAFE UKRAINE 2030 Supervisory Board, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the AICBU, Chairman of the EBA Business Protection and Security Committee is delivering a series of webinars for entrepreneurs on "War Autumn Forecasts: What Businesses Should Do in Conditions of Maximum Instability".

Training events have already been held for AICBU and ASIS Ukraine, EBA, -Business Community Board and several other organisations. The webinars also feature a special guest speaker – a military analyst. During the meetings, participants discuss the most pressing issues of the moment: potential threat scenarios for business and community, specific risks of the coming autumn-winter period. The experts give applied recommendations on how to prevent and minimise their negative consequences. In particular, threats to energy infrastructure, utility networks, risks of acts of sabotage, growth of crime rate, etc. are discussed in detail. Participants are also given practical advice on conducting a SWOT analysis of emergency preparedness, developing evacuation plans, and working with company personnel. The current webinar is the sixth in a series of thematic educational events from Sergey Pogrebnoy. From November 2022 the webinar content will be updated to reflect the beginning of the winter season and the current situation on the Ukrainian front and home front.


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